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Are You A Monster Too?

from by Harmonica Pocket




(Written August - November 2013)

I almost didn't write this song. Or rather, I almost lost the song in some random notebook.

I was in a hotel down in California and needed some paper. Grabbed a brand new notebook and started writing. Didn't get very far, a couple of lines and the concept about the monster who's hiding because he's afraid of something.

By the next day the notebook had disappeared and I forgot about the whole thing.

A while later I was getting rid of stuff at home and put that same notebook in the to-go pile. Happened to open it first and found the beginnings of the song. Voilà!

In the Sundrops recording of Are You A Monster Too I played my electric guitar backwards. Actually I play the parts forwards and then use software to digitally reverse the tracks. But you have to think it through and play all the chord changes in reverse order so that they line up correctly when you flip it around. It's slightly confusing, but the effect is a unique swelling crescendo that ends abruptly. Did the same thing with some background vocals. Listen for those parts after the line "I'm hiding because I'm scared too" right before the choruses.


:: LYRICS ::

I am a monster are you a monster too?
I'm getting hungry for some monster food
In the dark next to
A dustpan and a broom
I'm hiding because I'm scared too

Monster monster monster monster

I have monster claws and yellow eyes
My greasy monster fur is full of flies
Snuck into your bedroom
And now I'm watching you
I'm hiding because I'm scared too

Monster monster monster monster

Careful cause my teeth are razor sharp
Hiding here and waiting in the dark
Through the woods I follow you
Behind a shadow of the moon
I'm hiding because I'm scared too

Monster monster monster monster


from Sundrops, released May 19, 2015

Keeth Monta Apgar - Guitars, Vocals, Percussion
Nala Walla - Vocal Harmony
Montana (age 3) - Monster voice
Nala Walla - Vocal Harmony
Johnny Bregar - Keys, Drum loops, bass
Kevin Blackwood - Drums



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Harmonica Pocket Port Townsend, Washington

The Harmonica Pocket is all about swinging acoustic story songs sprinkled with hula hoop and dance. Their music is recorded at Apple Tree Studio -- a solar-powered recording studio on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest. They sing about sunshine, dirty fingernails, and monsters, love Woody Guthrie and Dr. Seuss, and eat a lot of ice cream. ... more

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