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Butterfly Away

from by Harmonica Pocket




(Written Dec. 28, 2012 - Jan. 4, 2013)

I wanted to try some new sounds in the Sundrops recording for Butterfly Away so I bought an Ebow. An Ebow is a battery-powered gadget that you hold over an electric guitar pickup to make long, sustained notes. There's a bit of a learning curve to figure the thing out but you can simulate a violin being bowed and make other crazy sounds with it. I used my Ebow to track 3 and 4 part harmonies on my electric guitar. I like to geek out on that stuff and figure out how to voice my chords and make things sound all lush and pretty.

I read once that when caterpillars are wrapped up in the cocoon during metamorphosis, their bodies turn to a gel and radically recombine into a butterfly. Some of their organs stay intact. Others parts, like muscles, break down into clumps of cells that get recycled in the butterfly's body.

The electric guitar parts were informed by this science lesson. I split an electric guitar part in half and then played the first half on one track in the right speaker, then the second half on another track in the left speaker. The idea was this coming together of two distinct parts to create the one. Like a caterpillar reorganizing its inners to become a butterfly.


:: LYRICS ::

I'm a caterpillar crawling
Through the tall grass under the sun
With a tiny tear in my eye
Cause it's time to say goodbye

I'll be beautiful someday
When I butterfly away

I'll be spinning silk very soon
Roll up in my little cocoon
The new year wrapped up like a wish
Disappear into chrysalis

I'll be beautiful someday
When I butterfly away


And the life I knew left behind
So I'll try these wings on for size
Floating through like a lullaby
I'm a beautiful butterfly

Ain't I beautiful today?
Watch me butterfly away



from Sundrops, released May 19, 2015

Keeth Monta Apgar - Guitars, Ebow, Vocals, Percussion, Glockenspiel
Nala Walla - Vocal Harmony
PK - Stand up bass
Kevin Blackwood - Drums & Percussion
Judith-Kate Friedman - Vocal harmony



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Harmonica Pocket Port Townsend, Washington

The Harmonica Pocket is all about swinging acoustic story songs sprinkled with hula hoop and dance. Their music is recorded at Apple Tree Studio -- a solar-powered recording studio on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest. They sing about sunshine, dirty fingernails, and monsters, love Woody Guthrie and Dr. Seuss, and eat a lot of ice cream. ... more

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