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Digga Dog Kid

from by Harmonica Pocket




(Written June 2013)

For my son's 2nd birthday I bought him a dump truck load of sand.

The dump truck driver dumped the sand in our big, grassy yard and the pile was about four feet high. The sand pile quickly became a neighborhood hangout, with all ages of kids playing and building crazy castles together. Grownups would plop down and get sand in their shoes too. The sand pile is still a great, all-ages place to play.

His next birthday rolled around and the pile was all spread out. So I ordered another truck load of sand and the party continued.

One sunny day I was hanging with the kids at the sand pile and had my guitar. I was just goofing and the chorus to Digga Dog Kid came out. One of the boys -- little Owen -- kept laughing and laughing when I sang it. I kept singing it over and over to keep him giggling because his laugh was so adorable.

The first verse was partially written that day, but some of the words were different. The 2nd verse was added later, and the 3rd verse about the treasure chest was written in the recording studio when Johnny Bregar and I realized the song needed another verse. I asked Chris Ballew to sing the 3rd verse and was happy that he agreed to do it.

Not many people have noticed but the first half of the chorus is basically the melody from O Susanna. That song (written by Stephen Foster and published in 1848) is now in the public domain which allows someone like me to legally recycle its melody into a new tune.


:: LYRICS ::

I can dig in the dirt
I can dig in the sand
I can dig a big hole down
With my little hands
I can dig up some worms
Who are living way down there
A little dirt under my fingernails
I don't really care

Dig dog a digga dog dig
A dig dog digga dog dig
Dig dog a digga dog dig
I'm a digga digga digga dog kid

I can dig in the soil
I can drop in some seeds
I can dig a big hole then
Plant a little tree
And I sing a little song
As I'm covering the hole
Then I do a little dance
So its roots will grow

Dig dog a digga dog dig
A dig dog digga dog dig
Dig dog a digga dog dig
I'm a digga digga digga dog kid

We could dig up some gold
If we had a treasure map
If we found a treasure chest
There'd be nothing wrong with that
So grab a shovel quick
And let's get looking for the loot
If you do a little digging then
I'll share it all with you

Dig dog a digga dog dig
A dig dog digga dog dig
Dig dog a digga dog dig
I'm a digga digga digga dog kid


from Sundrops, released May 19, 2015

Keeth Monta Apgar - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
PK - Stand up bass
John Jewell - Fiddle
David Smith - Mandolin
Caspar Babypants - Vocals



all rights reserved


Harmonica Pocket Port Townsend, Washington

The Harmonica Pocket is all about swinging acoustic story songs sprinkled with hula hoop and dance. Their music is recorded at Apple Tree Studio -- a solar-powered recording studio on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest. They sing about sunshine, dirty fingernails, and monsters, love Woody Guthrie and Dr. Seuss, and eat a lot of ice cream. ... more

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